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Changes with CSS styles in jQuery Gantt 4.0
#1 Posted : Friday, March 07, 2014 12:54:58 PM

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CSS Class names are changes

We have renamed a lot of our classes defined in the radiantq.gantt.default.css, mainly to include a "rq" prefix. If you had modified the CSS or overridden any of those base styles, please make appropriate changes.

Any references you have made to CSS styles in your JS (typically while defining templates) will have to be renamed as well.

Here is a list of name changes that were made.

Old CSS Name New CSS Name
radiantq-ui-GanttBase rq-ganttBase
GanttChart rq-gc-topDiv
radiantq-ui-timeSpanHeader rq-tsh-div
timeUnit rq-timeUnit-div
Area rq-gc-chartArea-div
taskBarContainer rq-gc-viewsContainer-div
rowsParent rq-gc-rowsParent
taskbar-style rq-gc-taskbar
label rq-gc-taskbar-label
progressbar-style rq-gc-progressbar
PGresizer-style rq-gc-taskbar-resizer
ui-progress-resizer rq-gc-progressbar-resizer
dependencylinecolor rq-gc-dependencyLine
dependencyArrowColor rq-gc-dependencyLine-arrow
ui-grid-alternative-background rq-grid-alternative-background
parentBar-style rq-gc-parentBar
start-verticalLine rq-gc-start-verticalLine
end-verticalLine rq-gc-end-verticalLine
ui-GanttTimeUnitBackground-unit-border rq-gc-timeunit-border
ui-NonWorkingTimeBackground rq-gc-nonWorking-background
FlexyChartRow rq-fg-gc-row
position rq-common-position
link-arrow rq-gc-dependencyCue-arrow
inner-link-line rq-gc-dependencyCue
new-link-line rq-gc-dependencyCue-parent
gantt-table-body rq-grid-body
gantt-table-column rq-grid-column
milestone-style rq-gc-milestoneBar
parentLeftPoly-style rq-gc-parentBar-leftCue
parentMiddleBar-style rq-gc-parentBar-middle
parentMiddleBarWithLine-style rq-gc-Parentbar-collapsed
parentRightPoly-style rq-gc-parentBar-rightCue
taskclone rq-taskbar-clone
dragThumb rq-taskbar-dragThumb
resizeThumb rq-taskbar-resizeThumb
resizer-style rq-fg-gc-taskBarResizer
PGresizer-style rq-pg-gc-taskBarResizer
start-resizer-style rq-gc-startTaskBarResizer
ui-progress-resizer rq-gc-progressbarResizer
HScrollBar rq-gc-horizondalScrollBar
ui-specialLine-unit rq-gc-specialLine
radiantq-ui-GanttBase rq-GanttBase
arrow-right rq-gc-pager-right-arrow
arrow-left rq-gc-pager-left-arrow
DockPanel rq-gc-pager-container
navon rq-gc-pager
large-arrow-right rq-grid-expand-arrow
large-arrow-down rq-grid-collapse-arrow
ui-selected rq-row-selected
ui-mouseIn rq-row-hover
timeunit-mouseIn rq-tsh-timeUnit-hover
shadow rq-taskbar-shadow
browse-to-task-cue-left rq-gc-browseCue-left
browse-to-task-cue-right rq-gc-browseCue-right
row-drag-drop-handleCue rq-dnd-handleCue
row-drag-drop-avoidCue rq-dnd-avoidCue
textBlock rq-grid-expander-text
textBox rq-grid-expander-editor
border rq-grid-expand-indentWidth
resourceItem rq-grid-resourcepicker-item
ui-selected-child rq-row-selected-children
draggingContent rq-gc-taskbar-popup
timeunitBG-mouseIn rq-Background-timeUnit-hover

RadiantQ Team
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