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How to persist EndTime ?
#1 Posted : Tuesday, July 15, 2014 4:52:55 AM

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in my project, I'd like to persist StartTime, Effort, and EndTime...
StartTime and Effort are binded so that's easy... But how to do for the EndTime ? It must be saved in the database.

Currently, my gantt WPF code looks like :
<gantt:GanttControl Grid.Row="1" x:Name="ganttControl"
         UseChartVirtualization="True" SyncRowBackgrounds="True"
     IDBinding="{Binding Pk_Tsk}"
     NameBinding="{Binding Lbc_Tsk, Mode=TwoWay}"
     DescriptionBinding="{Binding Lbl_Tsk, Mode=TwoWay}"
     StartTimeBinding="{Binding Dh_Deb_Plg, Mode=TwoWay}"
     EffortBinding="{Binding Eff_Plg, Converter={StaticResource effort2Timespan}}"
     IndentLevelBinding="{Binding Num_Lvl, Mode=TwoWay}"
     PredecessorIndicesBinding="{Binding Prev_Tsk, Mode=TwoWay}"
     SortOrderBinding="{Binding Id_Order, Mode=TwoWay}"
     AssignedResourcesBinding="{Binding Fk_Res_Plg, Mode=TwoWay}"
     ResourceIDBinding="{Binding Pk_Res}"
     ResourceNameBinding="{Binding Lbc_Res}">

Could I add a binding on the EndTime ? Or should I listan to some event to change my EndTime programmatically ?
I'm a little bit lost...
Raja - RadiantQ
#2 Posted : Tuesday, July 15, 2014 12:31:51 PM

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Yes, you can listen for the PropertyChanged event of Activity and you can update the EndTime value like this,
public partial class MainPage : Page
    this.ganttControl.ItemsSource = taskItems;
    // Updating the StartTime and Endtime to all Activities
    foreach (RadiantQ.Windows.Controls.Gantt.View.IActivityView activityView in this.ganttControl.ActivityViews)
        // Subscribe PropertyChanged Event if StarTime and Effort gets changed to Update the StartTime and Endtime.
        activityView.Activity.PropertyChanged += Activity_PropertyChanged;

private void Activity_PropertyChanged(object sender, System.ComponentModel.PropertyChangedEventArgs e)
    if (e.PropertyName == "StartTime" || e.PropertyName == "Effort")
        this.SyncEndTimes(sender as IActivity);
// Updating the Endtime in DataSource
private void SyncEndTimes(IActivity activity)
    // Get the bound DataSource from Activity
    object boundData = (activity as DataBoundActivity).DataSource;
    // Updating the EndTime value of bound data code comes here.
You can refer the <InstallFolder>/Samples/ProjectGantt/Misc/TrackingEndTimeInDataSource sample to get more information about updating EndTime.
Thanks & Regards,
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