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Silverlight and WPF Gantt Package 5.0 Released!
#1 Posted : Thursday, February 07, 2013 12:12:25 PM

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We just released the 5.0 version of our Silverlight and WPF Gantt Packages, loading them with even more features! This also now includes the official support for Silverlight 5 and .NET 4.5 frameworks respectively.

New Features

- Horizontally virtualized rendering in FlexyGantt to support displaying unlimited number of tasks within a row.
- MS Project like IDs - IDs automatically update as tasks are moved around/removed/added. Predecessor indices also updated automatically.
- Time Span Highlighting: Mouse hover on a time unit in the time scale will now highlight the corresponding vertical region in the chart area.
- GanttBase.BeforeZooming event that can be handled to prevent certain zoom levels.
- Full support for hiding the grid and only show the chart, in all modes, including virtualized mode.
- Performance improvement for longer spanning tasks in Gantt Control.
- A new LagStringUnitsInHours property allows you to customize whether to interpret the lag string as hours or days, etc.
- Highlight the whole dependency stack when mouse hover on a task or dependency.
- Gantt now expects the Resource allocation text string to be in Invariant culture format (for example "62.5%" - even when running in a culture where "," is used as a decimal seperator). (Breaking change: If you had used an earlier version of our gantt with support for resource allocation units and edited this value and saved it from a culture where "," is used as a decimal seperator, then this "," has to be replaced with "." in the data source, before you upgrade to the new version.
- Change in progress bar rendering behavior. Now, it's simply a fraction of the rendered bar's width.
- WorkingHoursBar now has the ability to reflect schedules of assigned resources as well (only single resource assignment is supported).

Bug Fixes

- Bug fix for issue when gantt was inside a tab and UseChartVirtualization was set to true. There was an exception when switching between tabs.
- Bug fix for mouse wheel causing both horizontal and vertical scroll in the chart area in some cases.
- Scrollbar Synchronization issues in Silverlight.
- Bug fix for issue related to resizing tasks with resource assignments with custom schedules.

Thanks as always for your continued support and patronage.

RadiantQ Development Team
#2 Posted : Thursday, September 28, 2017 7:56:07 PM

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