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Problem with printing
#1 Posted : Friday, May 23, 2014 5:44:31 AM

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Hello, RadiantQ.

I need some help with printing.

When I try to print on real printer I lose some data on bounds of the Page.

This misstake occur as in my programm as in your demo.

Way to reproduce this:
1. Open "Print with Headers and Footer"
2. Select "Table and Full Chart"
3. Print on real printer

You will have result like this (I printed and then scaned the result to .jpg):

As your can see there is some losing data at the top of the picture, and at the right (In fact, there is the same for botoom and left, but your can't see that on this picture)

On the next 2 picture you can see that there is the same problem. Pay attention that on second page date range finished on 15 of April, but on third page this date range begin with 18 of April. So we lost somewhere three days.

It looks like I have to scale FixedDocument to PageImageableArea of using printer. But, unfortunatly, I can't find working case.
Please, tell me, how can I fix this on your demo. And I'm sure that I will work in my project too.
Raja - RadiantQ
#2 Posted : Tuesday, May 27, 2014 9:04:48 AM

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Please use this code in your application's Printing portion (to take margins into account):
// To take margins into account, use this code instead (requires
// referencing the System.Printing.dll and ReachFramework.dll)
var area = dialog.PrintQueue.GetPrintCapabilities(dialog.PrintTicket).PageImageableArea;
GanttPrintPaginator paginator = new GanttPrintPaginator(gantt, printOption, new Size(dialog.PrintableAreaWidth, dialog.PrintableAreaHeight), printX, printY);
Thanks & Regards,
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